January Habit #25 Constant Torment

January Habit #4Dear FlyLady,

Been flying off and on for a year now with 2 small children. One habit was a constant torment that i could not get right – shining my sink… Frustration central!
I have never enjoyed washing up, have very limited tank water, and do not have a dishwasher as a dirty dish disposal unit.

Finally sorted the issue –
1. DECLUTTERED my saucepans
2. relocated the remaining ones to another cupboard
3. got a BIG shallow plastic drawer-like tub and put it in the old saucepan home under the draining part of the sink
4. Rinse and place all dirty items in plastic tub ready for one wash up. SHINY SINK ALL DAY and no nasty smells or stuck on food!

The peace of mastering the most basic of flylady routines!

Flying in outback Australia


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