January Habit #26 Happy In My Home

Dear Sister!

I just want to thank you for making this change in my life… This is not just about having a clean home, but to be happy in my home! I had a very nice experience last night. Because my husband is almost blind, he don’t see the changes in our home in the way I do. But coming into the kitchen he heard something! He mad “ho-hooo”-sounds and clapped his hands! The kitchen had a different accoustic! So he asked if we should bring back the rug for the floor, to soften the sound and make it cozy… To me it was a joy to realize the sound of a decluttered kitchen. It is not completely as I want it yet, but maybe 70 % of the way to a clean kitchen. And as you tell me, the mess didn’t come overnight, and neither will it disappear overnight. Well, it has accually done that at times before guests coming, but that only meant that it moved to the guest room! Ha-ha! One of my dreams is to quit my job in that “moving company”.

God bless you.
Frøydis in Norway.

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