I Was On Autopilot

Dear FlyLady,

Routines and great attitudes are sinking in! My DS (older teen) had friends to sleepover and make their fun noise late into the night and I needed to get up early to take DD to her volunteering job.I was feeling grouchy early this morning but GUESS WHAT! I was in auto pilot with my lovely routines even so! What a blessing for me and family and all the friends…..sink and surfaces were cleaned fast (on auto), food prepared for breakfast, empties put out to recycling, etc.

I also had a few of those martyred feelings a couple of times, but another GUESS WHAT? I could hear your words from the recent email which coached me along and yes, my feelings towards myself changed as I thought ‘I am loving myself, I am doing my routines for me’ and it has really been a blessing of another breakthrough.

Thank you for all your encouragement that works!
UK Flybaby
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