Can We Have a Reminder?

Good Morning FlyLady,

While taking a break on the back patio after my morning routine, a gorgeous breeze flowed through the open space.  Immediately, I was reminded of your “God breezes.”  I began to wonder…have you ever considered incorporating a daily five-minute FlyLady Reminder to take a “Worship Break” or “Renew Your Spirit Break?”  You encourage us to take a day to renew our spirit and have made us realize we need to take care of ourselves.  What better way to stay focused on the important things in our lives than with a reminder to take a DAILY worship (or a renew your spirit) break 🙂

I love God’s breezes, don’t you 🙂

Dear Gloria,

Taking time for yourself is a key component of FLYing! It is all about slowing down and not always being in such a hurry.

We have lived our whole lives on a steady drip of adrenaline. It feels strange to slow down and smell the roses. It may even feel wrong, but it is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

Your idea to incorporate daily devotionals into your routines is exactly what I did in my life. My morning routine starts in my bathroom. I have turned my bathroom into a place of meditation and calm.

My shower curtain is filled with my favorite Bible verses. I have a collection of Holy medals that Michele and I have gotten from many of the Shrines we have visited around the country. I use them to count my glasses of water each day. I also use them to remind me to pray for people. This is how I start my day!

The next thing I do is the rest of my morning routine. This is when I turn on my music. I love starting my day with hymns. Many mornings I wake up with a gospel song in my head. If they come to me in the middle of the night; I write them on my calendar. After my routine is finished I sit down and find the song that was on my heart and post a link to Youtube on Facebook.

At 3:00 pm I stop what I am doing and spend 15 to 20 minutes praying. It is a powerful time. It has helped me to become closer to my Heavenly Father. Beside my chair I have daily Bible verse calendar.

As part of my Before Bed Routine; I check my Bible verse calendar and I usually read about the life of a saint on an app on my phone. This gets me ready to go to bed. I head to my bathroom to end my day much like I start it.

All of these habits didn’t start all at one time. I have piggy backed them onto other habits that had been long established.

They help me to stay connected to the God Breeze and to slow down! It is up to you to set up your own reminders for daily devotionals.

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