I Can’t Seem to Fit Weekly Home Blessing into My Schedule

Dear FlyLady,

For day 21 of the Babysteps, I am to ask a question.  What is your suggestion for those because of scheduling, can’t fit in the hour weekly home blessing plus Zone cleaning? Right now I just have enough time for routines only then my eight hours sleep.  I am loving the Babysteps and highly recommend them.


Dear KC,

I know how tough it is to put together a whole hour to bless your home. This is why I like to do one item each day. I have even made a little poster to help me remember what to do each day.

WeeklyHomeBlessingListI keep this posted on my bathroom door. When I leave the bathroom each morning, I check to see what is on my plan each day. You can download your own copy.

I only spend 10 minutes on each item. After a full week my home is blessed and I can start over.

Babysteps are a great way to get exposed to all the segments of our system.

If you can put together a full hour then your perfectionism will be smiling because your whole home will look great at one time. LOL But don’t worry if you can’t do a whole hour. Try doing one in the morning and one when you get home from work. In three days you will have your home looking great.

PrintBabysteps work so well that I put them in a book. Check out my CHAOS to Clean in 31 Easy BabySteps. It is also available on Kindle and Amazon.

Don’t allow your perfectionism to make things harder than they really are. If you are going the daily missions that come out each evening; then you are doing zone cleaning.

Please declutter something each day! The more clutter you remove from your home the easier it is going to be to keep clean! Clutter stands in the way of our peaceful homes.

If you want someone to coach you through a Weekly Home Blessing then listen to my podcast. It is also on iTunes.

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