She Could Be Empowered

testiflyHi Flylady,

I just have to share my Rubba Scrubba story… or as we refer to it now, “rubber Crubba.”

I own a small family home daycare. I have three toddlers, all 2 years old. When we go outside to play, I use the Rubba Scrubba to get the spider webs off of the cars, chairs, and play structure. When I was also watching my 5 month old grandson, I didn’t wipe down the car, as I was rocking the baby to sleep, while ushering the toddlers out the back down. As I am rocking, a little voice says, “Miss. Deb, I need a rubber crubba.” I look up to see a little one stretching up and across the table to grab the rubber scrubba. I asked her what she needed it for. “ I haffa get da pider web, Miss. Deb.” Lol!! Yes! She made my day! I helped her to grasp the handle of the “Rubba Crubba” so she could be empowered and get rid of those spider webs! It makes me smile to think that these little tiny fly toddlers will grow up to be Flybabies, some day.

Daycare Flybaby

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