Evenings Are Less Stressful

testiflyHi Flylady

I just wanted to say thanks. Because of meal planning my evenings are less stressful, my DH and two DSs and I are eating better. My bank account is doing better I have a general sense of peace in the evening.

What I am super excited about tonight is that for the first time, my family is ordering delivery tonight because we chose too, not because the night has turned to chaos or I’m  exhausted and out of groceries. I put it in my meal plan as a reward for planning meals for two weeks and carrying out that plan! I’m ordering tonight with excitement instead of guilt! NO GUILT! This is huge for me. My family does love some delivery, and tonight they get to enjoy it without the before hand DRAMA. Yippee!!!!

Thank you Flylady!

Flybaby in the Rockies

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