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testiflyIt’s Funny Flylady-

I’m not a very good flybaby.  Six months in and I am still working on baby step 16.  Seriously. Two things I’ve realized is that yes, every little bit you get rid of helps.  Set that timer.  You may not think what little bit you do here and there is working, but it is.

I don’t declutter everyday.  I’m still working on that habit- but I try.  But there are days that I look around and guess what?  I can find stuff!  I really didn’t need six sets of sheets for the guest bed.  I rarely have company that stay overnight.  I just want some clean sheets when they do.  So I took your advice and picked out two nice sets to keep and donated the rest.  Now I don’t have a huge duffel bag full of sheets in my spare room that I trip over all the time.  Slowly this decluttering spreads through the house and there is less to put away and clean around!

The second thing is that I think as a SHE/flybaby I over think things.  I read the testifly from the mom who didn’t realize you literally meant just SHINE the sink- not clean the whole kitchen first. Guess what?  I was doing that with the timer!  When I set it for 10 minutes during my house blessing, or 15 minutes to declutter– I ignored everyone.  If my kids needed help with something, I said, “you have to wait, I’m doing my declutter” or mission, or room rescue, or whatever.  Really.  My poor babies.  I finally came across one of your articles that said, if you have to stop and take care of your family, you don’t reset the timer.  That’s it.  Just do what you can do during that time.  Duh.  So if I only managed to declutter for 6 minutes, that’s 6 minutes more than I had yesterday.

I think it will take a while before I get it all, but it’s happening.  My attitude changes a little more each day, for the better.  I haul my franny up when I’m being the martyr.  I am far from perfect-there are days that I fail epicly! But I’m more free than I was 6 months ago, and the chaos in my house is changing.  I notice it in my kids’ attitudes and in how I feel in the morning.  I actually do fun things on the weekend instead of clean constantly.

Thanks FlyLady and Crew for Freeing me!

Flybaby Crystal

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