January Habit #31 My Thinking Processes

January Habit #4Hello!

I can sincerely express my happiness with shining the sink.  I find that this simple habit has helped me develop a sense of pride.  First of all, let me say, that I am still a FLY baby.  Still in the training phase of your program.  I jumped in where you were and will eventually catch up, but the most important thing I can tell you is how much better I feel.  I actually DON’T feel guilty when I want to sit down and read a book or watch a tv show.  I used to have the mentality that I didn’t deserve to sit down and read my book because the house wasn’t all that great.  My problem was not a dirty house, but a cluttered one.


Now I go through my routines.  I try to follow them as well as I can and feel so much better!  I cannot tell you what you have done for me and my thinking processes.  Sure, I may still have some clutter in rooms I have not gotten to, or might not have everything in its place yet, but I FEEL so much better.  The sink is clean in the morning and the dishwasher is ready to go when I begin cooking in the evening after work .I feel good because I have made a difference before work and before I go to bed.  I don’t feel like a failure anymore.  And you know what? More gets done as a result.  I find things are easier and I am not carrying the weight of my failure in keeping the perfect home.  I really hope this continues for me and I will have the whole house in order because now I feel so much better.  I may not be perfect, but I am a work in progress.
Thank you for helping me thus far and I can testify that CLEAN YOUR SINK was the best thing anyone has ever said to me.

Thank you!

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