Help I Have Little Children

Dear FlyLady,

I have two questions:

1) How do you fit morning routine in when you have little children. I have a 4 month old and two year old thank G-d and usually eat breakfast myself around 2:00 pm after my sons are both napping if I’m lucky. I get dressed as soon as I get them both up but usually wear crocs and not laces. This is what I find comfortable. Ok so back to my question how do you fit routine into your morning when you jump out of bed to two crying kids?

2) it’s true my house would be cleaner if I did only one task at a time but is that realistic I am usually doing ten things at once.

I am cooking dinner serving lunch to kids nursing the baby and switching laundry etc etc all at once. Would I actually be able to accomplish everything I need while Doing only one thing at a time? Does this mean also preparing only one dish at a time too?

Thank you for all your inspiration!


Dear Toe,

It is up to you to stop this vicious cycle. It starts with going to bed at a decent hour and sleeping. The secret to keeping up with children is to get up 15 minutes before the children wake up. This gives you time to get dressed to LACE UP SHOES, fix your hair and face, and eat some breakfast. It is unacceptable for you to put off eating till 2pm. You are not treating yourself well. If you don’t take care of you; you can’t take care of your family.

The truth is when you try to do ten things at once; nothing ever gets finished. When you are nursing the baby. You need to be focused on that and drinking your water. This is your quiet time. You could actually use this time to read your two year old a story.

You are the parent! You are the person in control. You are going to have to slow down and enjoy the process instead of rushing through everything. Your children are feeling your stress. Slowing down by using the nursing time to change the pace of your day.

Yes I do cook one item at a time. I clean up after myself. Then I start with the next thing. If you are trying to cook and do laundry and take care of children while being in several different places at one time. You are lying to yourself. You can’t be in more than one place at a time. Stay focused on one thing at a time. You will be happier, you won’t burn food, and your children will be safer.

You can have your two year old close by with books or pots and pans. While you are sitting nursing the baby; use this time to come up with simple routines. It is these routines that are going to put your back in charge of your home.

A fun game to keep you focused is our FlyLady Bingo. Here is how you play this game. Make a numbered list of six things that you need to accomplish. You can also make a list for your two year old to do right along side of you. Get out your timer. You can write the numbers on popcicle sticks, pieces of paper, or use a dice. Pull out a number, set your timer for ten minutes or fifteen minutes and do that one thing.

Here is a list of six items for your two year old.

1. Fold wash cloths
2. Pick up toys and put in basket.
3. Carry a few dirty clothes to washing machine.
4. Throw papers in the trash or recycling
5. Make the bed. Yes they can if you let go of your perfectionism
6. Sweep the floor. It is not going to be perfect but it will be fun.

Here is your list.

1. Fold Laundry
2. Clear off a hot spot
3. Put a load of laundry in the washer
4. Empty trash can
5. Make your bed
6. Wipe down kitchen counters.

If you have a FlyLady Rubba Sweepa, the handle will reduce to fit your two year old’s hand. We also have a carpet sweepa that your child can push to clean your rugs. Your babies want to help you. Make it where they can. If you let go of your perfectionism and you can have a lot more fun with your children.

We need your testimonials and pictures of your children helping you. Please sent them to me; with MY LITTLE HELPERS in the subject line.

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