My Family Notices

Dear FlyLady,

I never thought I would write a testimonial, but as I was doing your weekly home blessing hour (listening to you coach me through it) today, I didn’t have any trash to take care of, so I decided to attack a hot spot on the computer desk and trash some of it.  I had to laugh because I found the late library books we couldn’t find anywhere!  I was thinking that this week I just needed to go to the library and ask how much the books cost and pay for them because we had looked for a month without success.  So thanks for saving me a heap of money!  You are awesome and have been such a blessing in many ways.I’ve been fluttering for a few months, certainly not keeping up with everything, but what I do keep up with has helped tremendously.  My family notices and likes how the house looks.  I have even inspired my husband to get going on some of his own projects without saying anything except when he compliments me on the house.  I tell him some of your quotes like “Even housework done imperfectly blesses our family” and “You can do anything for 15 minutes.”   He likes them because he is a terrible perfectionist and tells me he often doesn’t start things because of it.  Thank you so much for helping me bless my family, not to mention finding those library books!

Fluttering in VA

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