Back to Basics Day 13: Calendar Habit

Dear Friends,

Did you know that most FlyBabies are calendar challenged? It took me years and thousands of dollars to finally develop a system that worked for me. With every new system I tried to get my home organized, I would buy a planner in hopes that it would somehow miraculously fix me. Guess what, it doesn’t happen!

Many calendars are developed by naturally born organized people. These folks automatically know how to use one. If they came with directions, we wouldn’t use the instructions anyway. Our system is a bit different. We teach you routines that actually tell you to open up your calendar and check your appointments. This seems strange for born organized people. They have never needed to be reminded to check their calendar. In fact, they think something is wrong with us, because we need this kind of prompting. Let me tell you one little thing. We are every bit as smart as the next person; we just have a little different way of learning.

These things that come naturally to born organized people, we have to practice and develop into habits. It took me 30 years to learn how to use a calendar. As I started adding one habit at a time to my daily routines, the calendar became an integral part of my planning for the next day.

In order to know what clothes to lay out for the next day, I had to know what was on my schedule for tomorrow. So I would look at my calendar that I kept right beside my  Control Journal.

Each week we check our schedules with our family members to determine our menus for the next week and prepare our grocery list. You can also use it on your desk day to plan for bill paying and sending birthday cards. Your calendar will become your life if you will use it in conjunction with your control journal to act as your memory so you don’t have to try and juggle all the information in your head. Your children are watching you; have your main calendar for all to see.

These skills don’t happen overnight. They take time to develop and implement. You can do this. Let me tell you, if I can do this after 30 years of being calendar challenged, you can too.

I want for you what I have and it is a peace that comes from not missing an appointment, paying my bills on time and knowing that I haven’t forgotten some important date. You can have this too. Follow our directions and you will find yourself FLYing before you know it. Baby steps will get you there. I promise.


Tip of the Day: Use color codes for each member of your family. This way you can see your color from across a room. Add stickers to make your calendar fun.

Mission #25 Today, think about something funny that happened and write it on your calendar. Then send an email to with MY CALENDAR CHARTS MILESTONES in the subject line.

Mission #26 Establishing habits is fun when you earn stickers. Give yourself a Gold Star for each day you declutter something this month. If you don’t have any gold stars then draw a smiley face on your calendar. Send an email to with I LOVE REWARDING MYSELF WITH A GOLD STAR! in the subject line.

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