How Big Are the Calendar Squares?


I was wondering what the inside of the calendar looked like. Is it possible to include that photo on the sale page?




Dear Dawn,

We do have a picture at the very bottom of the page with a penny for scale. I also included it in this post. A 17 month calendar from Aug. 2017 to Dec 2018. This is the best wall calendar available to help you keep your family a priority and keep track of their comings and goings.

This is a large, spiral bound calendar This is a large, spiral- bound calendar (Size: 14 by 21 inches when open) with large squares (Squares 1.75″ x 3.125″) that make it very easy to see, even from across the room.

There is plenty of room for a big family’s many activities and lots of fun stickers!


calendarFB2Calendars are going fast! This is a busy family and our calendar is large enough to hold your family’s schedule.

Don’t miss your chance get your calendar while we have Coupon Code BackToBasics. You can save 15%.

Get your calendar ordered now because we are about out!


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