How Do I Clean My Baseboards?

Dear FlyLady,

Do you have a good method for dusting baseboards and carpet edges? My vacuuming doesn’t get to these places and they always look dirty.

FlyBaby in Toronto


Dear FlyBaby in Toronto,

Please don’t allow your perfectionism to ruin what is good enough. With our Weekly Home Blessing we do just the middles. Now with our detailed cleaning when we are in a different zone each week; you can add your baseboards and carpet edges to your personal Detailed Cleaning list. You may only have to do them once a season.

150As for a good method to get what your vacuum misses; we have several great tools. Use the one that makes it easiest for you. I like to use my Rubba Sweepa. It has an adjustable handle and great for getting up those dust bunnies. I turn it backwards to get the worst dust off the baseboards themselves. If you have little children; give them a rubba scrubba. They are closer to the floor and would love to help you. We have a new tool called the MultiWand that keeps you from having to bend over.

Dusting the baseboards is easy once you get off the dust of years of neglect with the Rubba Sweepa. Then all you have to do is once a week in that zone, feather dust those baseboards. It will only take a minute.

Your home did not get dirty in a day and it will not get clean overnight. Consistently following our zones will help you to spring clean your home in babysteps. Your daily mission (in the Flight Plan) is from our detail cleaning list for that zone. You may have to adapt to fit your room. I have tried to think of everything that needs done, but we don’t have any carpet in our home.BacktoBasicscode

Put on some fun music and enjoy the process!

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