Just Old Stuff

Dear FlyLady,

Your daily encouragement to beat the Clutter Monster has been so helpful to me. In the last three years I have inherited a ton of family stuff, some beautiful, most clutter. I have become “The Keeper Of The Past”. What a responsibility! What a burden!

I had too much. What to do with it all!? But it was such a part of my life and memories… you know the deal. It seemed like family stuff was almost holy. I was scared to let it go. I thought, “This is nuts! I am too attached. How can I get perspective on this and make good decisions?”

Well, I volunteered at Habitat in their thrift shop, and I volunteered for a thrift shop run by all the churches here in Rocky Mount. My job was to dust and organize the do-dads in the store, the picture department, and the china, glass, silverware, kitchen goods, etc. and occasionally label clothes and hang them up.

After a while, seeing other people’s special stuff brought my own into perspective. It no longer was so special, and certainly not so irreplaceable. It became just old stuff.

Volunteering for these wonderful organizations helped me so much. I was able to loosen my attachment. I have gained a more realistic and healthy perspective, downsized, and conquered the Clutter Monster! Thank you for encouraging me every day. I have let my stuff go: passing it on to other family members, throwing it out, or joyfully offering it to others.

Now, Dear FlyLady, I can hear you growling at me about the piles of paperwork on the dining room table….that is my “Summer Project” and I am working on it every day, bit by bit! I’ll let you know when the dining room looks like one again! LOL!

Fluttering anew in Nashville, NC

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