My Shining Moment

Now is the TimeDear FlyLady and Friends,

I just have to share this shining, FLYing moment that is just making me give thanks for all the changes in my life.  My DH is disabled and we live on a very limited income. I buy the bulk of our groceries and supplies at the beginning of the month, and by the end, we are really tight with everything.  But because of the way I think now, that is ~ thinking AHEAD and PLANNING instead of just closing my eyes and hoping things will somehow magically work out at the last minute. I am much better able to spread out our resources to cover the whole month. FLYing has helped me to do that in so many areas of my life, it makes me realize how little I did it before, and how much needless suffering and anxiety we all endured on a daily basis.

But, now it’s past the survival level and into the quality of life issues.  Today, when I went for groceries, I saw a big display of Easter candy on sale. Instead of procrastinating until later in the month when 1. It’s all picked over, and 2. I no longer have the money for it, I as able to select just what my darling little children would love, and because I had planned my menus and grocery list, I knew I could afford it.

Now I am ready for their Easter treat and I am so happy that I will not be facing the day before Easter feeling sad that they wouldn’t have anything sweet. It’s a little thing – but life is made up of little things ~ little disappointments, and little joys. I have learned that only through what I have been practicing in FLYing; concentrating on the little pieces of my day, rather than obsessing over the whole.

Why is it that thinking ahead allows for such joy in our lives? How could I have lived so long thinking the opposite? I don’t know, I am just so grateful to have this joy now.

Thank you again FlyLady for everything you and your crew do for us, and for everything you have taught me about living with joy in my life ~ allowing for it, planning for it, and especially, accepting it when it comes.

FLYing Bright

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