There Will Come A Day

Dear FlyLady,

I wanted to share a short story with you.  I started looking at your website a little over a week ago.  I found that some of the things I have already been doing is in your list on getting started.  I have been setting out my clothes for the next day for many years.  I get up at 3:30 am to get ready for work and it helps a great deal to have my clothes already sitting in the bathroom for when I step out of the shower.

I started making my bed last week as well as shining my sink.  It makes a big difference to get up in the morning and see a shiny sink.I have two boys who have developmental disabilities.  It has been very hard to get them to help out with any housework.  I have started working on doing baby steps with them lately.

Tonight, my oldest made dinner with a lot of verbal cues from me.  While he was working on dinner, I worked on washing dishes.  After dinner, my youngest heard me say that I was going to shine the sink and then start getting ready for bed.  He asked if he could shine the sink for me.  I stood in the kitchen and instructed him step by step what to do.

Now I am going to bed with my sink shiny and I did not even have to do it myself. I am so happy with the little steps that are showing progress in my CHAOS of a house.  There will come a day when there will no longer be CHAOS in my house.

New Mexico

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