Waltzing Through Your Day

Dear Friends,

I can tell you exactly why I put together a Control Journal! I was tired of building “To Do” Lists! Every day I would put the same thing on the list and every day I would check things off. Was I lazy! NO I call it resourceful.

We love to make lists. It doesn’t take long until those lists become boring. Maybe I was just bored with the same thing and I needed a little creativity to make it fun again.

Now listen closely! My Control Journal took shape over several months. I did not build it on my fateful New Years Day that I decided to get organized. It was on that day in 1999 that I made the biggest list of all and promptly decided that it was mean to expect me to do it all in the beginning. That is when I came to the conclusion that it would be much kinder to just practice one habit at a time. That is exactly what I did! I kept my sink clean and shiny for the whole month of January. It was my only requirement and because I didn’t pile on with that huge list I could just do what I wanted. I was FLYing from the start because I was loving myself enough not to push too hard. Everything I did was fun because I was not under the gun of my perfectionism.

As my habits were established I began to think of them as dance steps. I put them together into logical flow to start my day.  One, two, three! One, two, three! One, two, three! Waltzing on the FLY!

Basic Steps to my Daily Waltz

1. Get up                     2. Make bed                3. Go to the bathroom

1. Weigh                      2. Check calendar        3. Shower

1. Get Dressed             2. Fix Hair and face      3. Swish and Swipe

1. Take vitamins           2. Turn on computer     3. Put on shoes,

1. Check Laundry         2. Fix coffee                3. Dust Mop the floors

1. Empty dishwasher     2. What’s for Dinner    3. Eat breakfast.

1. Fill water bottles        2. Start my music        3. Sit down to work

Do you see how it all flows or shall I say FLYs by! One, Two, Three! It’s a waltz. This takes me about 20 minutes from start to finish because I have done my before bed routine and I am not trying to function in clutter.

My Control Journal became a place to hold my routines. I still had to be reminded when I was in the bathroom what the steps were. I am still sidetracked and I will always be a sidetrackable! This is why I love Post-It Notes. I don’t beat myself up because I need them. I have a morning one and a before bed one in my bathroom. This is where I start my day and end my day. I even keep my calendar in my bathroom. I use it to chart my weight and put appointments in red to remind me. I also list my menu planning on it. This is because I have been cooking more.

Your Control Journal is just a place to keep your routines. It also helps others to see exactly what has to be done in a home. When you keep your routines in a sheet protector, you don’t have to rewrite them every day or print them out. Use your Control Journal as your Check List for Take Off!

Are you ready to FLY with your Control Journal as your Personal Flight Plan!


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