What a Feeling of Relief

Dear FlyLady,
I have been flapping around for 3 years now and while I’m not flying swiftly, many of your routines are have become habits and have helped me so much.  Thanks for that.
I’m writing today with purple puddles rolling down my cheeks.  I’m doing my master bedroom zone work of decluttering my dresser and closet.  Now, I’ve done this before and I’m pretty good at it.  The puddles today are because I’m really working at loving myself.  The beautiful clothing that no longer fit me are finally going to bless someone else today.  I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time and my self worth is very much attached to the number on the scale and the size on the tag.  I’ve kept things for the someday when I’ll be that small again.  It occurred to me today that these things hurt me every time I look at them.  So out they go.  And with them, hopefully some of the negative thoughts I subject myself to daily.  I know someone else will use these things and for that I feel blessed.  No more skipping through things I can’t wear anymore.  What a feeling of relief.  Thank you, FlyLady.
With love and gratitude,
A FlyBaby in NJ
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