I Call it, Beat the Coffee!

Hi Marla & Fly crew,

Just wanted to say that I’m in love with my little purple carpet sweepa.

I have one dog that sheds A LOT! I wasn’t good about running the vacuum daily(which I should) due to sweet pup. Now that I have the precious purple sweepa, I can start the coffee in the AM and then go through the downstairs as coffee is brewing. This would be kitchen braided rugs(2) and dining room, living room & sunroom.

I take a paper bag that I save from grocery store and just take it with me for dumping debris as I travel from room to room. When I first started this I had to dump several times in each room but now only once cause of doing it daily!

I turn on the news as I sweep cause I can hear it(no electricity) and make a game out of the downstairs that I call BEAT THE COFFEE! I try hard to get it all done before the brew is done. It keeps the carpets SO clean and then on my bigger cleaning day, I use the regular vacuum.

I’m SO pleased! Isn’t it amazing how something that takes only about 6 minutes has in the past made me fret thinking it was such a major chore?? As far as my all carpeted upstairs, except bathroom, I set my timer for 10 minutes after I make beds and go at it. I know it’s a bit out of order that beds aren’t made immediately but I feel better if I air them out just for about 20 mins in the morning & use linen spray!

I still get them done early on and do feel SO good when I go downstairs again to have my first cup of fresh coffee, knowing that my entire house has been swept, beds are aired out a bit & made, I’ve heard some of the news, bathroom is swished & swiped before going down to make coffee & it’s been less than an hour since I’ve been up. It sure makes a person motivated to do more. I always get up around 4:30AM for some reason, so I have a lot of the day to still work with!

Sorry so long but thanks for the great little sweeper! Also discovered if I take all but one of the handle pieces off and the pop the top part back on making a ‘small sweepa’ I can use it on the large cargo area of my SUV ! So quick & easy.

Thanks again!

Flybaby C

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