You Will Understand This

IMG_5777Dearest Flylady Marla,

I could cry for joy when I look around at my clean house this morning!

I am having sunday dinner company and I think it took only around an hour and a half to do the home blessing with my daughter. Shes 13 and I’ve been working on helping her learn the system as she is a perfectionist and becomes completely overwhelmed by a mess and doesnt know where to start… she has kept her room neat now for probably a whole month without my help. Or not much anyway. And just yesterday she brought 2 more boxes down from her room and I asked her what it was. Is it more clutter? And she said yes. She also said she has only 1 more drawer to go through before she has decluttered all her drawers. So this was my moment of crying to God for thankfulness and realizing there is hope for me to give her the the tools she needs for her own home someday!

I’m certainly not as far along with decluttering as she is but with Gods help Im not going to quit flying  this time! I feel like it was God that made me see this time that if I put Him first He will help me with my house and for someone of my nature it is awsome to have you as a guide for knowing what to do. But I needed to put Him first so He could help me stay on track. I hace a feeling you will understand this. If I try to follow your plan on my own steam I quickly crash. God bless you today and me also!

Flybaby Monica

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