It Worked Beautifully! My Rug is Shining!

Dear FlyLady,

I love the Carpet Sweepa. The day it arrived I had just brought in a larger rug for my kitchen for the winter. My floor is cold in winter. I had lint all over and my vac just doesn’t get it up on this carpet. In fact I dreaded having to put it out because it always looked like I didn’t sweep it.

Good news my brand new Carpet Sweepa worked beautifully. I truly mean it. It picked up everything. So my rug looks so nice everyday. I love when I go to bed, my Sink is Shining and my rug is too!!! So to speak!

Thank you for a great product and all the encouragement to help my home shine!

FlyBaby Cynthia

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I would have loved to see a little video of this amazing testimonial about our Carpet Sweepa. Here is a video of our black rugs at the office with crushed chips on it. My son shows you how to assemble your carpet sweepa, then demonstrates it our black rugs at the office.

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