I Wasn’t Ashamed

IMG_5777Dear Fly Lady,

I have been flying on and off for the last 4 or 5 years. It’s not always been pretty but I thank you that when I came down with vertigo for over a year-and-a-half and had to have people coming in and out of my house. I couldn’t drive or get anywhere without help or when I was having a vertigo attack  and needed to go to the doctor quickly and a friend would come running to the rescue.

I was not ashamed of my home. It wasn’t perfect but it was clean, neat and without clutter.  I wasn’t ashamed to have anybody walk through those doors in an emergency. On my good days I always got dressed to shoes and continued with my routines so that if anything were to happen. I was not behind just a little delayed. Now that I’m doing better my house is the one where everybody usually congregates when we have  friend night. One of my girlfriends recently called and said would I mind if we used my house since it was always presentable and she never seemed to be able to keep up with her house and clutter.

I recommended flylady to her and I hope that she will start with a shiny sink soon. If not my house is always open and ready for friends.  What a blessing flylady has been that I can open my arms and my heart and my house to anyone at anytime.

Thank you Marla and for all you do.  God bless you.


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