February Habit #14 Flying Will Make Sense

Dear Friends,

February is Declutter for 15 minutes, and we are going to take full advantage of our time. Monday through Friday this month you will get a new Declutter Mission that follows the Zone we are in. If you have a declutter story or an idea that you have found to be useful please send us an email with MY DECLUTTER STORY in the subject line!

FlyLady Rebecca

February Declutter Mission: #3 Zone #3

Today I want you to check the towels, washcloths, and hand towels for holes and stains. Rotate out the old for the new and add the old to your laundry room, or donate them to the local animal shelter! Only good linens in the bathroom. Remember, you are worthy of nice things!


Dear Flylady,

I’ll never forget the day at the bookstore when I first discovered Sink Reflections.  I had all but given up on EVER being rid of my clutter!  After years of marriage and 9 years of homeschooling, living with the “I might need that one day” mentality, you can imagine what my home looked like!  I feel like I could write a hundred testimonials about clutter, but this one is just about those magic words I learned from your amazing book:

You can’t organize clutter.

Those words dumbfounded me, because they are true!  All my adult life I’d been buying nifty boxes and bags and creating space to store yet more of what I considered life’s necessities. Really, how little we need to live!  Flying has helped me to discern between the things I love and use, and those that belong to yesterday or a tomorrow that may never come.

I still have about 20 big boxes of clutter, stored according to category.  I admit, letting go is not easy.  But do I miss all the “yesterday” and “tomorrow” items that have flown out my door?  No!  Surprisingly.  I’m marveling at the decluttered areas that now make living a pleasure.

If anyone is having trouble jumping on board with Flylady, I urge you to get your hands on a copy of her book, Sink Reflections.  The truths are simple, the reading’s a breeze, and Flying will make all the sense in the world.

Please keep sharing your encouraging reminders, dear Flylady!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love you’ve shared with us.

Flybaby Jess

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