The Carpet Sweepa is the Real Deal

Dear FlyLady,

WOW! WOW! WOW! Words almost fail me! We get ‘advertised’ to sooooo very much, BUT this carpet sweepa is THE real deal!

It’s small…the best looking at is you can say…its a pretty purple!…UNTIL…..until you easily put it together and USE it….then its amazing! I ordered it a week or two ago wondering if I should have saved my money for my hobby…..nope I made a great choice.

I’m creeping up to ( gasp 70!)….still work full time…have a dear daughter and 3 + grandsons….grown…living all together…recently a grand-daughter and her dear daughter were here. My great grand-daughter is under 2….besides her uncles ‘we’ have dogs…what a mess. One does not like the sweeper….and everyone works..and lives different schedules…making it difficult. So the fact this was quiet to use got my attention.

Unfortunately the grand-daughter and great-grand-daughter have left again…but still have the dogs tracking in winter dry grass etc…I tried it out this AM and LOVE it…it did a fantastic job on the floors…and most of all was easy to use…and fast…LOVE it!

So if you are on the fence about getting it….stop everything now and get it. I also ordered the mop but haven’t used it yet. Off to work now….but I’m anxious to also use that. You can be sure I will be ordering more of her great products…..can’t wait to make my work easier!

FlyBaby Judy

FlyLady here; This is an amazing testimonial about our Carpet Sweepa. Here is a video of our black rugs at the office with crushed chips on it. My son shows you how to assemble your carpet sweepa, then demonstrates it our black rugs at the office.

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