Purple Rags are Still Bleeding Purple

Dear FlyLady,

I have never written before and I regret that the first time I do, it is with a concern. I bought the purple rags a couple months ago and was super excited to get them.  When I received them, the white bags used to wash them in were stained purple from the rags. I had read where you urged people to wash them before using them so I actually washed them four times before using them just to make sure all the dye was gone. I also soaked the white bags in Oxiclean (my go to stain remover) to no avail. However, I figured that washing four times would get all the dye out of them. So imagine my surprise when I filled a bucket with warm soapy water to wipe down my toddler’s hi-chair and put the rag in only for the water to turn purple! I was horrified and grateful that I had not used it as it likely would have stained the hi-chair and anything else that touched it.

Thank you!

Flybaby A

Dear FlyBaby A,

I am so sorry you have a concern about the dye in our purple rags. I am so glad you washed them many times. Other FlyBabies have had the same issues. Here are some things to try.

Try using super hot water in a bucket to bleed the dye.

Add a cup of salt to the hot water bucket.

A cup of vinegar will also set the dye.

Don’t worry about the white bag. That is not a problem. It is just a bag the rags are shipped in. I usually throw that away. Don’t allow your perfectionism to upset you when these rags are so worth the trouble to bleed the dye.

Wash dishes with the rags. This is what I do. I always have a sink full of hot soapy water in my stainless steel sink when I am cooking. If you have a white sink; don’t do this. The dishes are pre-washed before they go into the dishwasher.

purpleragbogoIf you don’t want to deal with this then get the bronze or silver rags. Purple Rags are on a BOGO right now!

The great thing about our purple rags is that they do not show dirt. Don’t allow your perfectionism to keep you from using our most popular tool.


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