How do I decide where to start decluttering?

Dear FlyLady,

On the morning routine reminder it says “Have you decluttered for 15 minutes today?” “How do I decide where to start decluttering?”


Dear Friend,

Getting the clutter out of your kitchens is going to help you when it comes to cooking. A good way to declutter your freezer is to cook what is in there. Take a week out of each month and plan your menus around what is in your freezer. This is going to save you money. I cooked out of my freezer, pantry, and refrigerator for the whole month of November. Getting something in the slow cooker is going to free you up to declutter.

Here is my Facebook Live Show from November. We talked about eating out of our freezer this month. I discussed lots of tips and recipes.

If you are having a hard time deciding where to start then follow our zones. If we are in the living room then tackle a hotspot; that pile of magazines. If it is the kitchen; go for a drawer. Do you get the picture. Just pick a spot. Another thing you can do is make a list of all the areas in your home that need to be decluttered. Don’t make the jobs so big that you will not do them; For instance NOT THE WHOLE MASTER BEDROOM CLOSET! Just list one shelf in the closet. Make it a game. Put them in a jar and pull one out a day and just go and do it. This will take you ten minutes to put this together. Your children will love this game too.

Decluttering your home is going to make it easier to keep clean. The consistency of decluttering every day will make an impact on your home. The clean will be contagious. I had to do a 27 Fling Boogie, three times a day to get rid of our clutter. When Robert and I got married in 1996, we put two houses filled with clutter together and then we went to estate auctions and bought more. You could not walk in our home. It was scary. The 27 Fling Boogie helped get rid of our clutter but it was the consistency that gave us our home back. I am talking about developing a habit for getting rid of clutter. Just 15 minutes a day will put you on your road to peace!


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