All About Peace

IMG_5777Dear Flylady,

Whoever would have thought that this messy person would decide to buy a bed from an online local group and invite the people I bought it from to come right in and check out our home when they brought it? I did that this week.

When I first heard of you, I couldn’t see my bedroom floor and would never have allowed them through the front door, much less the worst room in my house. It took years and fits and starts, but I gradually changed.

I’m not perfect in my routines, but my house is never more than 15 minutes from company ready now. The biggest change has been in my thinking. I see my home as a haven now and I don’t look at cleaning as a chore. I also don’t wait until I’m in the mood to clean like I used to. I feel so much better about myself and my mind is clearer.

I can’t believe I scrambled so much for so long of my adult life never having time to be organized, having too much stuff, and feeling horrible about myself. It took some physical effort but my biggest roadblocks were in my own head. As I let go of what I didn’t need, it got easier and easier. I don’t have much stuff now, and what I do have is all where I can find it with the other things that are like it. What peace.

Thank you

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