Am I Too Dependent on You

Dear FlyLady,

I am a new FlyBaby and have already benefited a lot from your great advice. Thank you!

I live in Mexico City. I’m trying to follow everything you say although there are a few things I don´t understand very well because of the language.

I have a question. I´m worried because I have become too dependent on you. I don´t do anything if you don´t tell me (email) before to do so.

For example, on Tuesday I realized that my purse was a mess, but I didn´t declutter it because the “purse day” is Friday, and today I was waiting since 7:00am until you command me 😉

Will I be discharged???

Thanks again!!


My Dear Maria,

You are so precious to me. I want you to look at why you are afraid to do something before the day. This is your perfectionism. You are fearful that you will be doing FlyLady the wrong way.

For years we have suffered with the “I don’t have time” excuse. We procrastinated about everything. Now we actually see something when it needs to be done. I am very proud of you.

Don’t beat yourself up because you noticed something that needed to be done. It only takes a few minutes to clean out your purse. We call this the “Do It Now” Principle. Now keep in mind I don’t want you to obsess and spend all day cleaning out your purse or anything. This is why we use our timer.

Our basic weekly plan is just a guide to keep us from forgetting the things we need to do. It spreads all the items out over a week. This keeps us from playing catch-up on the weekends.

As your routines fall into place; you are going to be noticing other things that you have procrastinated. I don’t want you to crash and burn, but if something only takes a couple of minutes; Do It Now! This will bless you and you can check it off your Control Journal.

Friday is our day to clean out our purses and put receipts in a tax folder for 2016. It is also our day to clean out our cars and fill them up. While you are gathering the trash out of your car; check to make sure your child’s car seats are secure. They can get unlatched.

Friday is always Date Night! Put it on your calendar. Plan something with your spouse or a friend.

For now it is good that you are hearing my voice. Let me replace the negative messages with a loving voice. Be kind to you.


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