A Late FLYer

Dear Flylady,

I somehow found Flylady years ago on the Internet. It’s just me and my husband, we never had any children. Even so, I worked 40+ hours per week and was always exhausted when I got home from work. I wasn’t able to do even the decluttering work. I admit I definitely have dealt with perfectionism. And too, when I did clean the house, whether it was one room or the whole house, I felt like, “OK, I’ve cleaned the house, I shouldn’t have to do it again!” But alas, it would get dirty and unorganized again. So there I’d be. Still too tired to clean the house. (I was eventually diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, to which I attribute my fatigue.)

About three and a half months ago I retired. I am finally flying! It is so wonderful to go from room to room in my house and find them clean! My house isn’t perfect. Far from it. We are in the middle of remodeling our house, so there are many areas I have not yet started flying in. But what I have begun is fantastic! I sometimes wonder and worry about whether I will be able to keep the whole house looking nice when it’s finished. But I know I need to focus on what I am able to do and how much better I feel about myself and my home.

Thank you for your website and all the encouragement you offer all of us. Thank you, too, for your tools! The purple rags are the best. In addition, I am able to prepare meals for my DH. I enjoy making him sometimes two meals a day! He gets up way before sun up and generally makes his own breakfast.

Thanks again from a late flyer!

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