It Will Pick up Anything

Dear FlyLady,

I have never written a testimonial before but I could not resist.  I have a Doberman Pinscher who sheds all year long.  I have moved into a home with cream colored carpet and wished I had replaced the carpet prior to moving it because of the hair.  Your carpet sweepa has made cleaning up the hair so easy and simple.  The light weight is great.  My elderly sister also lives with me and she is also using the sweepa and really likes it.  In fact, she prefers it her vacuum cleaner.However, the best use I have found for the sweepa I could not believe.  I have always had a problem when I unpack boxes that have styrofoam used in packing the items.  You have the little bits of foam all over the floor and yourself.  These bits do not want to leave what they are attached to.  But the carpet sweepa magically picked up all the foam bits with no trouble at all.  Now I look forward to unpacking anything that has styrofoam enclosed in the box.Thank you Flylady for all the great tools you provide.



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