I Finally Get It

Dear FlyLady,

I have been off and on with you for several years.   I lost my DH of 46 years after a long illness, then less than 6 months later my oldest DD lost her husband to cancer.  Less than a year later my youngest DD had a messy divorce.  It has not been a good last few years. I fluttered up and down with my routines but never really took off flying.

In Feb 2014 we made an unexpected (and unprepared for) move across several states. Without time to prepare to move as per your instructions, we just piled everything in the moving van and took off.  We have been in this rented house now since the end of Feb.

All this in preparation to say I am now a FlyBaby officially.  Since we unloaded all our packing boxes in the garage here and at my oldest DD’s house I have been going thru one box at a time. Sometimes just one box a day.  I have been shocked at the amount of “stuff” we packed and hauled across country.  I remembered what you said about putting stuff up to have a yard sale later.  I found a swap group here and have been putting all the things we needed to Give Away up for the people who really want and need them.  You are right, it is very freeing to not have these things in my house any more.

I have many of your cleaning items and love all of them.  Some of them I haven’t found to unpack yet but I know they are there and that I will find them as I unpack.

I have been doing my bedtime routine 90% of the time and am trying for 100%.  Just seeing my clean kitchen when I come in to make my  coffee is reward enough to make me smile.  Who would have known a clean sink could set the tone for your entire day.  My morning routine is getting easier every time I do it.  I have it posted in the kitchen and in my bedroom and it is getting to be a habit to just “do it”.

I retired from being a full time RN in June 2013 and am taking care of my 2 dearly beloved grand babies while their mother works.  I just signed up for House Fairy to start them on good habits now while they are only 4 and 2.

I am sorry this is so long but I have a hard time stopping once I start telling you how much you have changed my life.  If I had not found you I probably would be drowning in CHAOS and not be happy as I am now

Again thank you, thank you, thank you for saving my life.

Still fluttering but beginning to actually fly,

FlyBaby Mary in OK

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