March Habit #4 I Felt More Alert

March Habit #2Dear FlyLady,

I always ignored the dressed to the shoes part because I work full time and I get dressed up and I am out of the house every day.

To be honest, I thought that advice was only for women who stay home and do not go out to work. I do not need encouragement to put on shoes; I have to! I am able to put my children on the bus in the morning before I leave for my full-time job, and I have seen that the other moms who don’t rush off to a job like me are often dressed in flannel pajama bottoms, yoga clothes, sweats and I’d think they need  to put on shoes — not me!

I am blessed with being able to work from home for one day each week. When I work from home, and when I am home on weekends, I don’t lace up. Well, this past week, I was getting ready to take the walk to the morning bus stop and since my boots were not at the door, I put on my sneakers.

After waving good bye to the bus, I went back in to begin my work day. I had on my laced up shoes and I decided to leave them on.

Well, I have to admit, it does make a difference!

Even though for the vast majority of the day, I am sitting in front of my computer working, I do use my lunch time to do some home blessing, decluttering and/or errands, depending on my need. Having my sneakers on made it so much easier.

I could zip out and get the mail. It made it easier to head to my basement laundry area too. I felt more alert and ready and more powered up as I did my work and my chores. I was definitely more productive!

So I was wrong! Getting dressed to the shoes did make a difference even to someone who works full time (outside the home) in shoes!

FlyBaby D

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