Makes it Go Faster

Dear Flylady and all your team,

Thank you for the Mop XL – for designing or acquiring it, and making it available to us!

Even though I already had your regular mop, I am so glad I ordered this one.

It arrived yesterday and I used it immediately.

The job was much faster because of the size of the mop head, and also because I tried your tip / video on using it without even sweeping first.(I never would have thought of doing that —  after all, that is not the “right way”, or the way we were taught, is it? )And I really like those chenille “fingers” – they seem to me to do a better job.

For any other flybaby like me who hesitates because she doesn’t have a large open floor plan, I would encourage you to go ahead and order it.

Anyway, again thank you FlyLady for making home blessing easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

You are and have been a blessing to me for years now!!!

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