The Cure for Procrastination

Dear Friends,

Our procrastination usually only ends up biting us in the bottom. Do you remember the last time you ran out of toilet paper and you did not replenish the supply? You were the one who was left hanging.

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed that there were only a few sheets left on the roll and there was no spare on the back of the toilet. If I had gotten up during the night, I would not have had enough.

This is when the “Do It Now” Principle kicks in. The hard part of this principle is recognizing that you are about to procrastinate. There is an actual thought process that occurs when we begin ignore something that needs to be done.

We say out loud or quietly to ourselves, “I don’t have time right now!” We may even be keeping score or playing the martyr. “Why am I the only one in this family who can see that the toilet paper needs to be refilled.

I actually have a good answer for why you are probably the only person in your family who will refill the toilet paper holder. Are you one of those people who has fussed about how the toilet paper was put on the roll? You know the age old question; over or under?

Well if your perfectionism caused you to fuss about how a family member did this; you are the one who made the decision that your way was the right! You lost all your help when you fussed that one time. (the same goes for folding towels)

Here are some tips to help you not have to drip dry!

  1. Clean out under your bathroom sink to store extra rolls
  2. Make storage of extra rolls a decorative feature (Pinterest has ideas)
  3. Put toilet paper on subscription with Amazon to be delivered monthly
  4. I removed holder and put a pedestal by the toilet.
  5. Proper toilet paper hanging depends on if you have a cat.
  6. Don’t store open rolls beside toilet if you have little boys. Target practice
  7. Put a sweater organizer in hall closet to hold extra. (my solution)
  8. Praise your family when they refill the holder
  9. Bite your tongue when it is not done to suit you!
  10. Always have a backup package in storage.
  11. Check your supplies weekly when you make a grocery list

When you get rid of the clutter, you are really blessing you. It only takes you a couple of minutes to replenish the toilet paper. So there is no excuse for not doing it.

This week we are taking the 2 Minute Challenge. Make a list of five things that need to be done. Then set your timer for 2 Minutes. Do one item for 2 minutes and then rest. Even if you don’t get finished it is better than it was.

Join the rest of the world and jump in for 2 minutes. There are really no more excuses!


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