Becoming Decluttered

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for all you and your wonderful team have done for me.

Further, I would like to encourage all Flybabies to keep your sink shiny. This tiny first step has set the stage for more and more shiny sinks in my little home:My bed is made every morning—Shiny sink.

My bathroom is swished and swiped daily—another Shiny sink.

My dresser has been cleared of clutter and I placed my beautiful scents on a glass dish, along with a few decorative items—Shiny sink.Once I had my kitchen sink shined, I became aware and felt encouraged to make more shiny sinks. This has brought a sense of peace to my soul and my home.Hallelujah! I no longer freak out when I hear a knock on my door, now I calmly open the door with a big smile.

I still have a ways to go to becoming decluttered, at the same time, I know I will get there easily and peacefully, 15 minutes at a time. Keep on Shining Flybabies.

Wanda shining in Toronto, Canada

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