Carpet Sweepas are Back in the FlyShop

Carpet Sweepas are back in the FlyShop! Save more by using Coupon Code SpringFling

Dear FlyLady,

I just had to share this …. My three year old, named Lavender, loves her new purple Fly Lady carpet sweeper! She believes it is her sweeper as it is her favourite colour – just like her name! Thank you, FlyLady, for making cleaning fun for little ones! The sweeper is fabulous for all my little children to help around the house! Cleaning with joy in Canada!

Gillian , momma to 8 little ones

FlyLady here; I love that this precious little girl claims the Carpet Sweepa as hers.  My son shows you how to assemble your carpet sweepa, then demonstrates it our rugs at the office.

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