How do I do the Rest?

Dear FlyLady,

I feel overwhelmed. I do the shoes, dress to shoes, declutter 15 min a day, do the missions. What I DONT know how to do is the REST of the stuff! For example, when do you wipe down baseboards? Or when do you wash shower and window curtains? Ceiling fans, etc??????

I just seem to walk in stinking circles!!!!!!! 🙁

Cel in PA

Dear Cel and all my FlyBabies,

Please don’t allow your perfectionism to get in the way of your progress. It is not that you don’t know how to do the rest of the stuff, because you do know how; it is that you don’t know when because I have not given you a direct order to do it.

Here is the short answer:

When do you wipe down baseboards? in that zone really fast with Rubba Sweepa
When do you wash shower? A little every time you are in it.
When do you window curtains? When they look nasty. Vacuum seasonally and wash once a year.
When do you wipe Ceiling fans, etc?????? Once a month in that zone. MultiWand  works well. It bends to fit around the fan blades.

Everyone’s home is different that is why we don’t give you specific orders for everything that needs doing. When I was setting up my first Control Journal, I included a detailed cleaning list for each room in the house. Think of this list as everything you would do if you were spring cleaning; floor to ceiling, each wall and every closet and drawer. As you are thinking of this write it down on a piece of paper or go print out the ones that we have on our website. Your list will need to be adapted to fit your rooms.

Zone 1 Detailed Cleaning List
Zone 2 Detailed Cleaning List
Zone 3 Detailed Cleaning List
Zone 4 Detailed Cleaning List
Zone 5 Detailed Cleaning List

When you look all the items on the pages of your detailed lists you will begin to get overwhelmed. You are not expected to do this all in one day. This is why we break our homes into zones. Each week we are in a different zone. Everyday we give you a detailed cleaning mission in the weekday Flight Plans. I guarantee that of those five missions there will be five items that you can mark off your personalized lists. As you mark off the items on your detailed cleaning lists you will see the things that need done.

Get out your calendar and your basic weekly plan and decide on a day to do a couple of items on the list. Some FlyBabies like to spend 15 minutes in their zone each day. Use your list to tell you what to do. You don’t need us to tell you to do everything. Your Control Journal is your home instruction manual.

If you need more help with home maintenance issues we have a Control Journal for that too! It is free. The FlyGuys helped me write this document.

We even have stickers you can print on address labels for your calendar. Do you have a calendar that has big squares? Get our while we still have them.


The FlyLady Cleaning System can help you take care of those daily missions in your Flight Plan.

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