Thank Goodness it’s Friday!

Every week we get questions about when do we clean out our cars and pay our bills. We have a day for this and We Get Things Done!

Dear Friends,

Friday is clean out your car day, Date Night, and Pay your bills. We don’t discuss the bill paying often. I have used an Office in a Bag to help me keep my bills in one place since 1980’s. In fact the bag I used back then was the prototype for our version of an Office in a Bag. Just this week we got all colors of our FlyLady Office in a Bag back in stocredofficeinabag1k! Red, Blue, Black and Purple! Now you can get yours.

We have a special deal on our Control Journal when you buy it with an Office in a Bag!


Use Coupon Code SpringFling to save on our office in a bag.

Carpet Sweepas are in the FlyShop again. Get yours ordered today!

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