What is the Deal with Weekly Home Blessing?

Dear FlyLady,

I can’t seem to figure out the Weekly Home Blessing. What’s the deal?

FlyBaby K.

Dear FlyBaby K.

I totally understand where you are coming from. We get so caught up in our perfectionism and the way we used to clean. Don’t you remember spending all day cleaning. Well I wanted to put an end to that.

Saturdays are for family fun; don’t waste your Saturday torturing your family with cleaning all day. I know it needs to be done but it can be done in a fun way.

Our morning routine takes care of much of the daily maintenance of our home but there are a few items that don’t fall into our routines. This is why we have a weekly home blessing hour.

In this hour we do 7 things in our home ten minutes at a time.  Don’t do the math. 7 time 10 equals 70 but it does not take 10 minutes to recycle magazines.

  1. Gather all the trash in the house to throw away.
  2. Change the sheets on our beds. Everyone does their own.
  3. Feather dust your whole home.
  4. Shine the windows and door glass
  5. Recycle magazines and catalogs
  6. Vacuum floors (just the middles)
  7. Quick mop of kitchen and bathroom

Thank of this as just a fun way to bless your home. My assistant, Michele’s family called it “Redding Up” when she was a child. I guess it was another way to say getting ready for company.

WeeklyHomeBlessingListSometimes it is hard to put together a full hour but you could do your Weekly Home Blessing like I do mine. I have a poster on my bathroom door. This poster was inspired by a FlyBaby just like you.

Our perfectionism wants to see the whole house clean at one time. You don’t have to do it this way. There are lots of ways to accomplish these seven blessings.

One way if you are home all day then at the top of each hour do one blessing. Another way is to do a Weekly Home Blessing on Monday to recover from the weekend and then on Friday do another Weekly Home Blessing to get ready for the weekend.

Write the seven Blessings down on Popsicle Sticks. Have everyone in the family pick one. Your home will be blessed in no time at all.

FlyBabies have asked why don’t you bless the bathroom. Well this is part of your morning routine to Swish and Swipe. Every time you are in the tub or shower; you clean just a little. Then when we are in the bathroom zone we detail clean.

Please don’t get caught up in your perfectionism. Make Weekly Home Blessing Fun and you will get it done. Set your timer. Today I am going to play with a 2 Minute Weekly Home Blessing.


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