Have and Use What You Love


I am a retired woman who became a caregiver for my mother a few months ago. I am in my 60’s and literally never made my bed. But when I started flying I started trying to make my bed, buying a pretty bedspread that I loved. However this was not enough motivation. Then my husband and I went to a store and I found a couple of pillows that just spoke to me. I bought them and went home and made my bed. I went around my house and located some other pillows that I loved (not many) and put them with my new pillows.  Then I discovered that the store had curtains that matched my new pillows and we got them and put them up. It’s an absolute pleasure to make my bed now. I love the way it makes my room look. It fits my personality. My husband who never complained about the unmade bed loves it as well. Thank you for encouraging us to have and use what we love. My house continues to look better every year and I no longer feel like hiding when someone comes to my house.


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