Announcements for This Week

Dear Friends,

We have a lot to fill you in on for this week. I hope you are ready, May is just around the corner and we need to be moving as much as we can! May 1 we will start the 31 Babysteps, and the Chaos to Clean in 31 Easy BabySteps book is in the FlyShop and the price has been reduced to $15.00!

FLyLady Live on Facebook is tomorrow! We will talk about the 31 BabySteps coming up, FlyLady Express, Zone 5 and Zone 1, our new Habit for May, and take some questions from FlyBabies. So, be on the lookout at 2pm EDT, or get our notifications and never miss a show!

The sales just continue with the Rubba Scrubba Being on a BOGO (buy one get one) for the rest of this week only! You can never have enough of these little wonders! There are so many different uses, and I bet you will find a new one! The FlyLady Mop XL will also be on sale till the end of the week. Moping and sweeping all at once will same you so much time! We have many videos on our YouTube Chanel that demonstrates this and you can check them out here!

FlyLady will be traveling too! She will be at Growing in the Journey, A Women’s Conference Encouraging Christ-Centered Living in Today’s World. So please say a prayer that she has safe travels. If you would like to see what the FlyLady is up to, visit the events page on our website.

Introducing today!! We have a new package in the FlyShop!

FlyLady Cleaning System Complete

We want everything, and we want it right now, don’t we? Perhaps it is our perfectionism that causes us to feel this way, but perhaps, it may also be our want to so badly have the tools right at our disposal to help get us and our family out of the constant C.H.A.O.S. we have been living (more like drowning) in. To help you FLY through your daily and weekly routines, we have put together our most complete set of tools. To See what is included in this package click this link.

We have a new tool, for FlyBabies who are overwhelmed  

by the several emails we send each day.

FlyLady Express is the least expensive item in the FlyShop turns out to be one of the MOST IMPORTANT! This is the same FlyLady System that you have come to know and love for years now. It’s the same system that has helped FlyBabies all over the world to get their homes and lives organized, and it’s being offered in the convenience of just ONE (1) email per day.

FlyLady Rebecca

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