BabySteps and Habits Are Making A Difference

Dear FlyLady,

I have been doing your babysteps for 15 days now and have also been making my bed everyday. I was never one to make my bed everyday but saying that sometimes I did pull up the sheets and blankets to try and make it a bit tidier (once and a while….) but the extra pillows always stayed on the floor next to the bed.

Now that I have been making a Babystep habit of making my bed everyday it really does make a huge difference. I feel happier just looking into my bedroom and a feel like I don’t have to keep the door closed anymore (I was afraid of who would see it if I had visitors or what they would think of my unmade bed)

Since I have also just finished the zone 4 missions it looks even nicer. I know I should only be doing the babysteps for I am only a flybaby of 15 days I couldn’t help myself for I really needed to get started on decluttering my house and life. I have even ordered your control journal a couple of weeks ago and today your premium feather duster so I can’t wait to get them (I live in Australia so I have 2 – 4 weeks till I get them)

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. Your missions, daily focus, Fly spots and everything else you do and say really has helped me so much. (I even get my son to do his kids missions everyday as well.

Thank you forĀ  your FlyBaby Tracy

flyladycleaningsystemCompleteDear Friends,
We are starting out BabySteps on May 1, so get ready! Zone 5 is only today so let’s make the most of it and grab your Feather Duster and dust those hotspots you cleared! The FlyLady Premium Feather Duster is in the newest package, if you would like to see it, Just click the image!

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