Remember Perfectionism is Shelved In 2012

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve adopted most of FlyLady’s principals over the years, my place is organized and clean and so is my life.

I’ve decided to come back as I’ve extra work to do at work and want to get my paperwork and finances in better order so I’ve more time for fun.

Then I remembered the email I sent to you and a FlyCrew member replied to me and found it. It was 2012!!

I just wanted to say it was a turning point on my life!! I was so happy you replied and got it so right. Yes, I was so overwhelmed if I couldn’t do something perfectly I wouldn’t do it at all or I’d spend too long getting it right. I’d go great for a while then put things off and they’d pile up!

Now, I still remind myself – ‘perfectionism is shelved in 2012!!’ And it’s made all the difference – I always have clean clothes, know where everything is and my son only has memories of our house always being clean!!

So, thank you so very much you and FlyLady literally helped me change my habits and my life!! So I’m coming back so I’ll stop procrastinating over sorting paperwork like courses I’ve done or memorabilia that seem to grow.

So grateful in London

Dear Friends,

It is the beginning of a new month! We are starting the BabySteps, begeinng Zone 1, and practicing a new habit, Moving in May! Check out this video “Great pep talk to get you started in May!” and finally start to FLY!

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