On The Right Track

Dear FlyLady,

I somehow started getting your page on Facebook. And boy, did I need it! I have lived with CHAOS way too long. But flying looked too intensive and time consuming.  But I looked at the baby-steps, and thought, “I can do some of that.”My sink is now shiny when I get up in the morning! I have spent 15 minutes here and there decluttering hotspots. I feel better! My bathroom gets swish-and-swiped every morning! It’s easy!

My tub sparkles! And for the first time, I’m not worried  about having someone over to my house!I have 33 years of junk in this house and I am finally ready to let go of so many of the sentimental items, that don’t really fit in my house. The thought is overwhelming. But now I know that I can take 15 minutes in one closet to sort one section at a time. I don’t have to do it all at once! While I’m still taking baby steps, and haven’t got all the routines setup, I am looking forward to being able to fly!Thank you for the Routines that I have now begun. They are so easy, and 10 or 15 minutes is so doable! I love the evening checklist, my clothes are laid out and the “where are your keys” question saves me so much time I used to spend looking for my keys every morning!  I can’t thank you enough for getting me back on the right track to keeping my house clean and having routines so that I even have time for myself finally!

A FlyBaby

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