Fill The Gap

Dear FlyLady,

I’ll save the back story for another letter so that I can get to the point of this one:  you just saved me a couple hundred dollars.

There is a gap of about 2 1/2-3 inches from my sink vanity to the wall,  I have NEVER been able to clean the floor in this gap, and it looked (and was!) disgusting with dust built up over (mumbles how long).  I planned to have that gap covered or filled in with SOMETHING in an upcoming remodel, which would add around $200 to the project.

Your Cleaning Kit arrived yesterday, and I was having fun unwrapping my new “toys.”  I watched the video on using the Rubba Scubba mop head, and inspiration hit:  that mop head might just be narrow enough to clean that gap.

Praise be to heaven, it was!!!!  And it was good.

However, the very back corner and the baseboard still looked grimy.  Another bolt of inspiration:  why not try the Swish & Swipe brush since it had a long handle?  That took care of the baseboard, but that corner still didn’t look as clean as I wanted, and I wasn’t yet ready to accept it was good enough.  I grabbed the Rubba Scrubba, reached as far as I could–and I conquered that gap!  I almost cried with joy.

Now that I know I can keep it clean, I won’t have to spend the extra to fill in the gap.  Your kit has already paid for itself, and I haven’t even used everything in it!

I blessed you in my prayers last night for all you do to help us conquer chaos and bring order to our lives and homes.  Thank you.


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