Ask FlyLady; Saving Time

Dear FlyLady,

Is there a way to print out the daily routine? I would be helpful tonight as I begin so I am not running back and forth to the computer.

Thank you,


Dear Sandy,

This is exactly why I want you to build your Control Journal or at least put up Post-It Notes in your kitchen and bathroom. It takes so little time to hand write your routines. Set a timer and prove me wrong. Your perfectionism is getting in the way of doing something that is going to change your life. You may be looking for excuses to not do this. Look hard!

When I first got started; I put Post-It Notes all over our home. They were always in front of my face. I also put up reminders to help me remember to start my routines. And this was before we carried our phones with us everywhere; but I had a Palm Pilot.

For right now please just write out your routines on a piece of paper. We actually have an app for your iphone. Check it out if you like apps. It is an app with a fee. Follow the directions on the link. There is a fee for the app.

Your Control Journal is an operations manual for your home. As you establish your routines. They are in your head.

Printing your routine each day is such a waste of time, printer ink, and paper. Print it once, put it in a sheet protector or a little photo album, or put it in your phone. This is why I developed our control journal, so I didn’t have to write it down every day. I was being efficient.

This is why we practice one habit a month and piggy-back them on to habits we have established.

If you are signed up for our emails then every evening you get a Flight Plan for the next day. All the daily reminders are in the Flight Plan.

You can do this! Having your routines in a notebook, little photo album, or stuck to your refrigerator; allows your family to see what you do every day. This way people can help you. Don’t allow your perfectionism to go overboard with your Control Journal. I had that problem too.


Some people like to keep their Control Journal in our Office in a Bag. We have a great package with the control journal included but NOT all the other stuff.

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