Taking Control of My Health by FlyLady

Dear Friends,

After my Thursday Facebook Live Video, many of you have asked me what I have been doing. I gave you a list of the recent books I had read, but my knowledge goes back to my dear friend’s love for me!

I will never forget how Leanne Ely came to my rescue when I was sick several years ago. She flew me to Charlotte, set up a doctor’s appointment for me, and developed a whole eating plan for me. What she developed for me was a low carbohydrate menu plan to help get rid of my inflammation and weight! We were Paleo and Keto before it was even a term.  With that knowledge we wrote Body Clutter together.

Everything I learned from her has stayed with me all these years. It is what I use today! My eating plan is all about living a low carb way of feeding myself. After my Facebook live on Thursday she called me. She was so excited that I had once again decided to regain control over my health. Then she showed me what she has been working on for several months.

Leanne has always been there to help my FlyBabies. She has taught them to cook and to menu plan. Knowing what’s for dinner and having the food in the house will save you money and give you success at feeding your family nutritious meals.

When your family asks that age old question, “What’s for dinner?” You will have the answer with this great tool! Dinner Answers!


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