Swishing, Swiping, and Laughing

spackframed1Dear FlyLady,

This was my smile for the day and I just had to tell you about it.

This morning when I went to do my swish and swipe, I realized I was out of toilet cleaner in my master bathroom. I stood there for a moment, going through all kinds of stinkin’ thinkin’ about how toilet cleaner is on my grocery list, but I won’t be going to the store until tomorrow.

I considered heading downstairs to the half-bath for the bottle of cleaner I keep there, when, in my basket of items to donate to the battered-women’s shelter, a bottle of shampoo that I’d been given, used a drop of, and found I was allergic to.

And Lo! FlyLady descended into my brain on purple wings, waved her magic Rubba Swisha, and said “Get thee gone, stinkin’ thinkin’! Soap is soap, FlyBaby! Use the shampoo for your swish and swipe!! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!”

So I grabbed the opaque black bottle of shampoo, the Rubba Swisha, and started doing my swish and swipe–and promptly burst out laughing. Not only did the shampoo do even better at cleaning the toilet than conventional cleaner (I’m going to hold off on buying that toilet cleaner at least until the shampoo is gone), but the color of the shampoo? Bright purple.

Swishing, Swiping, and Laughing in Metro Detroit.

FlyLady here: I am so proud of this FlyBaby!

You deserve to use a bathroom that is clean!!

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