July Habit #13 One Step At A Time

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Dear FlyLady,

Okay…I used to think that going through ALL those testimonial e-mails was a WOT (waste of time (; ). I usually breeze/scan through them because I’m a good little flybaby, so I do what I’m told; however, I’m also a wife/mom/teacher/adhd woman, so scanning was as good as it got .

THEN I see a testimonial with MYTHBUSTERS in it. My DS and DD (10 and 7) love that show, so I read that one more closely, hoping it would give me an idea to get them to jump on my flybaby train. The writer talked about Jamie and Adam doing bathroom cleaning, and the best combo was peroxide, baking soda, and detergent.

We only have one bathroom in our small bungalow for the four of us, so it gets a little–okay, A LOT– of clutter. I took 15 minutes the first evening of Swish and Swipe month to at least clean off the vanity, putting things away. I took a small bowl, put in the combo listed above with a little hot water, and went to “work,” setting the timer for 15 minutes. Ha! Fifteen minutes!

That safe combo cut through the dried toothpaste, along with unknown things from DH, DS, and DD (and dare I admit, even myself) SO easily! I used it on the glass toothbrush holder, the glass crock/lid for cotton balls, and faucet. It helped with the hard water stains, and made them shine!

Best part–when I was finished, I took the water combo that was left and poured it into my Swish crock. TOO EASY! I will now take a little more time with the testimonial e-mails. This idea was wonderful!

My DH is suddenly saying amazing things about other parts of the house, e.g. “I need to put those shoes away.” Just because of the bathroom! Thank you…I’m anxious to see what happens when I get the rest of the house decluttered enough–one step at a time–to do the detailed stuff.

Flying and Praying,

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